Use of chemicals

Utopia Tica is a sustainable lodge nested within a food forest project, close to nature, that tries to respect it as much as possible.
That's why we chose to only have compostable dry toilets to save water.
Water from the kitchen and showers flows directly into our kitchen garden creating a sustainable cycle . This is why we ask our guests to only use bio-degradable products that will be offered upon their arrival.


We strive to recycle the waste produced on our land as much as possible. It goes without saying that all organic matter is composted and used for the food garden. The city of Puerto Jimenez also recycles cans, plastic bottles and Tetra Paks. For the rest, a classic trash can is available, but we encourage our guests to help us reduce them as much as possible.


We also collaborate with local producers through our company OrganikaCR . Their products are all certified organic and are on sale here in Utopia Tica. In the same vision of waste reduction , some of the products come without plastic packaging (in bulk), so we can fill your own containers.